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What's good on Night in Ottawa...

Below is a list of the most preferred venues in Ottawa on Monday night. This information is based off our best night voting system available on each venues profile. It is completely unbiased to help make sure you have a good time in Ottawa on Monday night.

Venue Recommendations Venue Rating Votes Reviews Review Score
1. Gracies West 74 people like Monday night 12 0 56.00%
2. Parliament Ultra Club 41 people like Monday night 12 1 50.00%
3. Barefax 35 people like Monday night 12 N/A 44.02%
4. Pigale 21 people like Monday night 12 0 100.00%
5. Pier 21 17 people like Monday night 12 1 57.00%
6. Elmdale House Tavern 15 people like Monday night 12 0 75.00%
7. Le Volt 13 people like Monday night 12 N/A 52.41%
8. Barrymores 11 people like Monday night 12 0 50.00%
9. Barbarella's Diamond's Cabaret 11 people like Monday night 12 1 50.00%
10. Liquor Store Party Bar 11 people like Monday night 12 1 0.00%
Ottawa Venue Reviews:
Swizzles - 90%

On Saturdays, Death Disco is not a gay club night, but more Gothic / Industrial. The scene is generally pretty welcoming of people of all genders, sexual orientations, races, religions, etc.

Dooly's Ottawa - 90%

Overall I had a great time. The way this place charges is by the amount of time played. If you usually take a very long time playing a game, then I would sugggest playing somewhere where you put in coins for each game, but if you want to play quick games, then this is the place!

Barbarella's Diamond's Cabaret - 50%

a great place to go,the staff are very friendly and polite.All the dancers are very good ,so its worth the money that you spend.

Cornerstone Bar & Grill - 23%

If you go here, make sure you don't wear heels and trip on the stairs, because they'll assume you're intoxicated and not serve you. They will also ignore you for a half hour before they even acknowledge that you may be sitting there for some reason other than staring at the ceiling. The service here is worse than horrible, It took us over 40 minutes to order an appetizer.


Liquor Store Party Bar - 0%

by FAR the worst bar in Ottawa. The staff is terribly rude. My friend got kicked out once for no reason at all...he was just dancing and having fun... by the time he made it to the door he realized he didn't have his wallet. So, we explained that to the bouncer, went looking for it.... when we finally found it he was pushing me and kicking me as I was walking to the door. I've heard...

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