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The Nu Den
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Ottawa\'s biggest strip club with over 60 dancers daily and seating for 390 people.
Contact Info:
The Nu Den
1560 Triole St.
Ottawa , Ontario

(613) 745-4445


Venue Type: Strip Clubs
Reviews: 1 (Avg Score: 98.00%)
Listing Views: 26,111
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Reviews of The Nu Den (1)

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**Warning: Long Review**
Been to every strip club in the National Capital Region over the years (many of them both pre and post-renovations). First went to the Nuden a number of weeks ago (issue of distance) and it is the best place I've ever been. Not sure how it was before (I've heard the club was renovated), but based on my experience the place is immaculate and definitely the classiest joint I've come across. The servers are friendly and attentive, as are the dancers. (Unfortunately, the dancers are so easy-going that sometimes guys will often waste their time chatting with no intention of a private dance; thankfully, they don't throw a fit over the word 'no'.) The bouncers are present, but not imposing or power-tripping; very amiable, but certainly not the sort of people you would ever want to mess with. Drink prices could be a little cheaper, but all things considered it's worth it.

Some other qualities that I really like: the dancers bring their personalities on-stage; there's almost always a dancer on-stage; much more pole-work (a lot of it impressive) than in other clubs; wide assortment of dancers, a lot of them ranging from really cute to hot to gorgeous; 65" projector screen (probably larger), which is particularly nice on UFC nights; enclosed smoking patio with seating; and finally, best of all and my whole motivation for going there in the first place, it is extremely couple friendly. That's right, the wife dragged me there. Ha! Now she has trouble dragging me out.

Two things that I have to mention in more detail. First, I've never seen a place with so many people going up on stage with tips for a little exhibitionist attention. Not just people in perverts row; often people sitting at a table, they just go up the small staircase at the end of the stage. The dancers put on a good show and if it's late in the song the DJ often extends it.

Second, two weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing them treat a bachelor party. For anyone that has been fortunate enough to get said treatment (not all clubs do it; some do it poorly), it's pretty standard: put a chair on-stage, take three dancers and one embarrassed bachelor, and humiliate him further to the entire club's delight. Well, this was pretty standard... at first. I won't go into too much detail, except to say that the girls (four of them) found so many ways to humiliate this guy to the adoring yells of the packed club, that in the end he begged them to stop (nothing serious, he was just a pussy), and that the bouncer watching off-stage was probably there to save the bachelor from the girls rather than the other way around. Never seen such lavish treatment and, having been to two bachelor parties in the past six months, I am seriously regretting not discovering this place sooner.

Conversely, there is one thing I'm not sure about. The owners opened up a new restaurant attached to the club called Obsession and have a select menu from their kitchen. Although the menu looks good, and I'm sure the food is delicious, years of conditioning make me apprehensive about eating in a gentleman's club at night. Nachos and similar snacks are one thing (albeit disgusting), but a bona fide plated meal? Don't know if I'll ever try it. It would just feel weird, but I'll update this post if I do.

A very long review, but I certainly hope that it will give readers a good idea of what the place is like and that they can benefit from my years of going to crappy clubs.

Reviewed: Aug 31, 2011 - 2:02 am By: Guest + Click to Reply

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